• FREE Expert Installation Use of advanced quality material (splicing, casing & capping)
  • FREE Router Dual band ONT + Wi-Fi Router Remotely monitored, Allows higher speed & coverage


  • Sscablenet may provide the internet Service over Fiber to the Home/Building (FTTH/FTTB) or Fiber to the Neighbourhood (FTTN) network or LAN
  • Plans & services are available in specific Locations subject to technical feasibility.
  • Data Usage includes Download and Upload. Usage in every session will be measured in Bytes. All above plans are purely on pre-pay basis.
  • No Public IP will be available with any Home plans. One usable Free static IP will be available with every SME Plans.
  • Home Plans are best suited for video streaming like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar & social networking sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or skype. For commercial activities/ usages or High-end Gaming purpose, please consider of our SME Plans.
  • The Customer support of Sscablenet extends till the LAN directly connected to healthy computer, not over Wi-Fi or whatsoever.
  • Broadband speed available to the Customer is maximum prescribed speed for which the Customer is entitled and Sscablenet does not give any assurance that the said speed shall be maintained at all times and the same may vary depending upon the network congestion, technical reason or any other unavoidable circumstances.
  • Replacement/ repair of ONU due to any manufacturing defects (subject to warrantee policies of the prescribed manufacturers) will be done by Sscablenet within 5 working days from the time of raising request with Sscablenet.
*All plans price excluded GST

User’s Acceptance Policy

Please read the terms & conditions carefully. You are advised not to take this connection or use the services from Sscablenet, If you are not willing to comply these terms & conditions specified herein

Terms & Conditions

  • One Time cost (installation charges) collected at the time of installation are non refundable.
  • The ONU devices provided by Sscablenet against a security deposit (if any) will remains the property of Sscablenet at all times.
  • The Tariff Plans/ Offers are subject to Guidelines/Directions/Orders issued by TRAI and/or DoT.
  • Price shown above is exclusive of 18% GST (Goods & Service Tax).
  • Sscablenet reserves the right to modify/ withdraw the tariff Plans as well as Terms & Conditions without any prior notice to subscriber.
  • Duly filled-in and signed Tariff Selection sheet by the Customer is an integral part of the CAF (Customer Application Form).
  • Any applicable discounts are included in the plan rental.
  • Download/ Upload speed indicated are speed up to our ISP node. Commercial use policy of 2000GB will be applicable on all Truely Unlimited Home Plans.