We Provide FTTH Modem (No WIFI option) to connect our FTTH Network. You have to purchase WIFI Router/Your Plan Speed(we will recommend)

We provide Lifetime Warranty on Mode if you are active customer.

We provide Maximum 100mtr Fiber Cable to connect our nearest Fiber Network hub. After 100mtr usage will be chargeable Rs. 10/- per mtr.

We don't provide cash/cheque pickup service at doorstep. You have to renew your account online or cash self-deposit at our office.

We don't sale any other device like Wireless Router, Switch, LAN cable.

We don't commit for any civil work like Drilling, Piping, Ceiling etc.

**Installation & Activation Charges are non refundable.
**All Package are valid for 30 days.
**One Time Charge INR 2500 non refundable.